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What About Those Under-Utilized Storage Assets?

Here is an attention grabber:
A survey of 1,165 IT managers found that the average company doesn't utilize 28% of storage capacity but nonetheless plans to increase storage capacity by 34% over the next year.

From Blue to Violet

JoshuaInNippon reported last wseek that "Japanese researchers from Sony and Tohoku University announced the development of a 'blue-violet ultrafast pulsed semiconductor laser'  which Sony is aiming to use for optical disks.

Image courtesy of /Sony&Tohoku University Press Release

10 things you should know about long-term data archiving

Brien Posey over at Tech Republic has written a valuable piece on long term data archiving. 

His ten considerations:

Hierarchies in Data Creation, Storage and Archival

Guest Blog by David H. Cote, CEO of Young Minds Inc 
We used to talk a lot about data hierarchies back when. Now days the idea of hierarchies in data have gone the way of all old technologies and random access storage is the current king. And while random access storage is king, the fact is, that when it comes to solving the problems of networked data management, we should look back at the old fashioned idea of hierarchies.

yVolumes: The PackRat Revolution

It is an interesting quirk of human nature that we like to hang on to stuff. We can certainly argue over how much of our stuff is actually worth of saving; but we still collect and store stuff at an alarming rate.

Evidently this is also true of data storage.   According to Berkeley’s School of Management, more data will be stored in the next three years than in the previous 40,000!*

Archive vs Backup

The other day I had one of those illuminating conversations. A friend of mine asked me about our new product, the YMi Librarian. 

I was ready! I mean, over the last month or two I have worked very hard to come up with a simple short sentence that describes the product -- my elevator pitch. Finally, I had a chance to use it.

I smiled broadly and said, “The YMiLibrarian is a data archive solution that lets you control, secure, verify, manage and track your stored data.”. 

The Zetabyte Universe

I remember buying my first IBM PC. The year was 1982 and the cost was about $4000. It had 256KB of RAM and a 5MB hard drive. It was FAST and the hard drive space blew me away. I couldn’t figure out how I would EVER use all that space! 

What is Your Corporate Data Worth?

There is something about numbers that soothes me. Which explains why a recent study by the research group, Forrester, caught my attention.  Microsoft and RSA (the security division of EMC) commissioned Forrester to research the value of corporate data. 

The Biggest Threat -- Poorly Managed Data At Rest

A friend of mine sent me an interesting article the other day. It showed the results of a study done about organizational data management risks. The researchers concluded that the biggest threat to any organization comes from poorly managed data-at-rest.  
The article sites these stunning statistics: