The Biggest Threat -- Poorly Managed Data At Rest

A friend of mine sent me an interesting article the other day. It showed the results of a study done about organizational data management risks. The researchers concluded that the biggest threat to any organization comes from poorly managed data-at-rest.  
The article sites these stunning statistics:
·         68% of data loss is from data at rest that is either stolen or gone missing
·         44%  of the loss is from digital media loss
·         14% of the loss is from physical media loss
·         3% of security breaches happen when data is in motion
·         22% of security breaches by hackers are to data at rest
What these numbers tell me about data at rest is that it is a hugely important and mostly neglected asset. A great deal of data is either just flat out lost or is stolen outright from the organization. To even know if data is missing it needs to be tracked as it moves from data in motion to data at rest. To prevent data obsolescence and to preserve it, the data needs to be stored in a standardized format, independent of media, that can be easily transferred to hard copy for redundancy. Finally, to secure data it should be encrypted and stored behind your firewall
After reading this article I am even more excited about iStudio 2.0! This data management middleware fills the gap between data in motion and data at rest, providing solutions to everyone of the issues uncovered by this study. 
·         iLibrarian tracks data as it transitions to rest
·         iLibrarian standardizes the data into a universal format
·         iLibrarian creates read- only iVolumes
·         iVolumes can be simply written to optical media
·         iVolumes are easily encrypted
·         iVolumes can be cost-effectively stored to an highly redundant energy efficient green library behind your firewall
For more information on Data Loss Prevention check out Open Security Foundation’s website.