What is are yLibraries


What is a yLibrary?

The simplest definition of an yLibrary is the place where you store yVolumes. The YMiLibrarian packages data into yVolumes for secured archival, retrieval, and distribution. The YMiLibrarian guards and manages these yVolumes by checking information into the library, tracking how it circulates and eventually taking it out of active circulation.

All yLibraries are virtual.  They reside anywhere:  online, near-line and off-line and fit into your present and future infrastructure. yLibraries expand data storage beyond the limitations of 20th century digital storage systems and ensures that your storage infrastructure is

·         User/IT/management friendly               

·         Cost effective and resource intelligent

·         Governable and compliancy ready

·         Future prepared and history protected

A yLibrary can be directly connected to iStudio 2.0 provided by Young Minds. Add-on Storage Systems provided by Young Minds include: An online y-Jukebox , a near-line Green RAID array, or an  offline optical-disc yVault.

Why yLibraries?
The yLibrary contains multiple yVolumes that are discrete, managed, cataloged and tracked. The YMiLibrarian always knows where the data is in the library. yLibraries solve some of the common business problems that corporations face today:       
·         Data Loss Prevention
·         Regulatory compliance
·         E-Discovery   
·         Proprietary storage formats 
·         Obsolete storage technologies
·         Information Lifecycle Management
·         Data distribution and security
·         Data identification  
·         Data quality  
·         Master Data Management schemes
Putting it all together
yVolume Technology puts data into discrete standardized packages called yVolumes.
All yVolumes are created, secured, managed, and tracked by the YMiLibrarian
A collection of yVolumes create a yLibrary which is managed by the YMiLibrarian
A yLibrary is virtual and can reside anywhere: online, near-line, off-line on existing infrastructure and even on a cloud
The YMiLibrarian is the heart of the iStudio which adds customized storage and distribution options