From Blue to Violet

JoshuaInNippon reported last wseek that "Japanese researchers from Sony and Tohoku University announced the development of a 'blue-violet ultrafast pulsed semiconductor laser'  which Sony is aiming to use for optical disks.

Image courtesy of /Sony&Tohoku University Press Release

The new technology, with 'a laser wavelength of 405 nanometers in the blue-violet region' and a power out put 'more than a hundred times the world's highest output value for conventional blue-violet pulse semiconductor lasers,' is believed to be capable of holding more than 20 times the information of current Blu-ray technology, while retaining a practical size.
Japanese news reports speculate that one blue-violet disk could be capable of holding more than 50 high-quality movie titles, easily fitting entire seasons of popular TV shows like “24”. When the technology may hit markets was not indicated."