What About Those Under-Utilized Storage Assets?

Here is an attention grabber:
A survey of 1,165 IT managers found that the average company doesn't utilize 28% of storage capacity but nonetheless plans to increase storage capacity by 34% over the next year.
The survey referenced here was performed by International Data Group's B2B publications business and reported in ComputerWorld. If further found that the storage capacity growth will average of 58% over the next 1-3 years and by 93% over the next 3 to 5.
That much growth in any arena kinda of boggles the mind!
The part of this survey, however, that really caught my attention was the part about the under-utilized capacity. I tried to work out how much under-utilized space there would be in 1-5 years. Unfortunately, my math skills seem to be inadequate to figure it out.
 Suffice it to say, that there will be a lot of wasted space and that companies will pay a lot of money to purchase it.
So what if there was a way to utilize those nooks and crannies of space? How would it be managed? How could you track the files and secure the files?
There is a way – YmiLibrarian software. When you archive your data in yVolumes the are compact, easy to manage, trackable and secure. Small areas anywhere on the network can be utilized for discreet volumes. The yLibrarian will always know where to find them.
Voila, useable space and it will even save you big bucks.